Our trading platform

We understand that most people out there are eager to make daily profits on the Market but have little to no experience in Trading. Our professional team developed a user friendly platform that anyone, experienced or not, can enjoy. SwissMain Platform is adjustable for a unique trading experience. It contains a full list of the instruments we provide, simple to understand charts, “one click trading” option and a number of additional tools that will help you be profitable. You can control the liquidity in your account via a "Direct deposit" option, follow the Economic Calendar and trade safely through the use of the Stop Loss (S/L) and Take Profit (T/P) Options.


As a regulated financial institution we provide our clients with the lowest possible commissions out there so that you enjoy trading even more. The Spreads are fixed, i.e. they don’t reflect the volatility of the Financial Market thus giving you the advantage of achieving higher profits regardless of the current Market situation, or even a financial crisis. Unlike most Companies that charge you on both open and close of a position SwissMain charges the spread only when opening a position. With the one-time charge fixed spread rarely provided by our competitors, our clients can enjoy the safety of always being in the know of their charges and profits.

E.g. - with a floating double-charge spread you may enter the Market with 3 pips on the EURUSD but due to a higher volatility closing the position may result in another 20 pips charge; so instead of profiting $670 out of a 70 pips movement on the EURUSD you actually gain only 470$ and are a charged $230.

Furthermore we keep our spreads negotiable in order to deliver the best Trading Conditions.

Account Manager - unlimited communication and best professional support 5 days a week

Unlike most companies, we provide a personal Account Manager to every client no matter the type of account they open or the amount of money they choose to trade with. Our Account Managers are equipped with a minimum of 15 years trading experience and are dedicated to helping our new clients read the Market and achieve constant daily and monthly profit. Their service includes an extensive education program to help you understand and apply the professional advice to your trading. They will teach you how to use our platform, how to open positions, apply S/L and T/P, follow the daily signals you are provided, as well as reading the trending Economic News and taking advantage of it. They will emphasize on the traders Psychology as we believe the successful trader is disciplined and conservative. You can count on the Account Managers to constantly keep you on the right track and away from possible mistakes. They will focus on teaching you fundamental and technical analysis that you must use in combination in order to ensure higher profits. There are days when our Account Managers will advise to stay out of the Market if they do not see any potential of making profits or the Market is not stable enough. Their obligation is to serve our clients, so we are in constant communication via phone, chat, emails, even text messages to keep you updated on the movements on the Market. A strong Account Manager – Client relationship is highly important to SwissMain so we do business the old-fashioned way and put no limit to the attention you get - daily conversations, trading together over the phone, training sessions or signals will be provided whenever necessary. Experienced traders can also use the Account Managers to fill in gaps in Market knowledge or at least get a second opinion on trading strategies.

Educational packages and materials

We believe knowledge is the most powerful tool for achieving success in life, as is the key to success in trading on the Market. As the best Forex trading company, we provide our clients constant supply of education materials and variety of trading courses to teach them how to understand the Market and build their personal strategy. The education packages are accessible free of charge to all our clients. Instead of paying for Forex trading courses or purchasing hundreds of books on Forex online all the necessary education traders can ask for is provided at one place. And the more you want to learn, the more education we will provide. Once you join SwissMain you can start learning and earning simultaneously - you can immediately apply what you learn to your strategy and see the result.

Mobile platform for Online Trading

Based on the close relationship with our clients we know traders are looking for freedom. We have developed the SwissMain Platform as a mobile application, both for iOS and Android users. Our clients can easily download our platform for free from AppStore/PlayStore and enjoy trading on the “run" on both smart phones and tablets. It comes with absolutely the same user friendly design and features. Traders can open and close positions, apply the trading signals they get and most importantly make money no matter their location. Unlike other mobile platforms ours is quite fast and instantly reacts to the clients’ requests.

Opening a trading Account

We know that nobody likes to wait when it comes down to making money on the Market, so we’ve made the account opening process easy and fast. Our well trained Financial and Support Departments accept and process all new account applications and Financial Transactions in a matter of minutes. The only documents required to apply for a Trading Account are: (1)Copy of ID, Passport or Driving License, (2)Copy of the Electronic Card used - back and front, (3)Copy of a Utility Bill as a proof of Address and (4)a Copy of the Transaction Confirmation which we email you.

Customized trading signals

We provide completely personalized Trading Signals based on our clients’ strategies and interest in specific instruments. Best of all, our trading signals are provided for free for any trading account level. When we say the trading signals can be personalized, we mean they are built specifically for our clients’ trading style - conservative or aggressive. The trading signals are sent via emails or text messages and contain position direction (Buy or Sell) and S/L and T/P values. To make trading even easier all of our signals contain brief explanation of the suggested position and Market movement and easy to understand chart analysis screenshots to give you a clear Market forecast. We would also build our signals on a variety of instruments, as per client’s preference, and include a profit forecast to help you reach your goals at your own pace.