SwissMain is established by an experienced group of professional Forex traders, Software developers and financial experts to provide investors from around the world with leading financial services. Our unique Forex brokerage company provides a wide range of trading options, platforms, and strategies for investors who want to succeed in today's exciting and rapidly expanding Foreign Exchange Market. The comprehensive and personalized service at SwissMain allows Forex Traders to utilize diverse strategies and achieve specific financial objectives through all market conditions. We are dedicated to providing our clients with live Forex exchange quotes and a variety of trading solutions.

When you create an account with SwissMain you are choosing a broker who is fully invested in your success and development as a trader. We believe trading should not be only available to VIPs, but that anyone interested in the markets and able to connect the dots between micro- and macroeconomic events should be able to capitalize on it. We aim to provide you all the tools and information you need to achieve your goals every time you trade.

SwissMain’s success is built on uniqueness, simplicity, client satisfaction, and the constant pursuit of the highest quality standards.